School Profile

Northwestern polytechnical university life college adhere to the socialist direction of running a school, conscientiously implement the party's education policy, in-depth study and implement the national ideological and political work conference spirit, insisting that khalid ents as center link of the teaching and educating people unifies, words and teaching unifies, asked with great concentration and attention social unity, academic freedom and academic standardization unifies, earnestly implement spreading knowledge, training talents, the innovation of science and technology and social service functions, keep in mind the "ensure yong yi" school motto, adhere to the entire education and comprehensive education, efforts to achieve four service goals.

College of life, formerly known as "college of life sciences", was founded in April 2004, and officially changed its name to "college of life" in March 2010, becoming the 15th professional college of the university.A new decade, the institute development into the fast lane, face "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" and "double top" construction, school development orientation is: to national aerospace, aviation and navigation field significant demand for traction, supported by mainstream life science disciplines, basic subject and technology and engineering discipline intersection, basic research and applied research phase, tried to build college into discipline characteristic, well-known international and domestic first-class high level talent training and scientific research base.

The college now has 92 faculty members, 61 teachers (4 part-time) (all with doctoral degrees), including 13 professors (3 part-time), 24 associate professors (1 part-time), 24 assistant professors, and 7 postdoctoral students.The academy has 1 academician of the international academy of astronautics, 1 "young talents" of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, 2 "new century talents" of the Ministry of Education, 1 "outstanding youth science foundation", and 1 "100 young talents" of shaanxi province.

subject construction and teaching training

The school of life science has two first-level disciplines: doctoral program of biomedical engineering and master program of biology.1 undergraduate major in biotechnology;Space biology science and technology national defense characteristic discipline.At the same time, we also rely on the "aerospace science and technology" and "materials science" to recruit doctoral students.In addition, postdoctoral researchers are recruited in the postdoctoral research stations of "aerospace science and technology" and "materials science".

The school has two teaching departments of biomedical engineering and biology, and has shaanxi provincial life science experimental teaching demonstration center and shaanxi provincial biotechnology international talent training innovation experimental center.It enrolls 50-60 undergraduates and over 70 postgraduates.

The college has a large instrument and equipment open sharing platform -- experimental center, which undertakes the tasks of experimental teaching and research analysis and testing. The total value of the equipment is more than 50 million yuan, including 11 sets of large equipment over 1 million yuan.

scientific research and exchange and cooperation

College, combined with our school's aviation, aerospace, Marine engineering education and research characteristics, focus on empty tianhai extreme environmental biology, special molecular medicine and health, engineering, biomedical engineering three disciplines at the forefront of basic and applied technology research, the key direction including space biology, biomedical materials science, biology, medicine and biological engineering and translational medicine, microbiology and immunology, molecular medicine, biology, bionics and the bionic manufacturing engineering and so on.The school has obvious advantages in interdisciplinary integration, covering biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, biophysics, microbiology, biomaterials, pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, bioinformatics, biomechanics, biomedical engineering, magnetic biology and other disciplines.Existing scientific research platform:

⟡ space biological experiment simulation technology key discipline laboratory of defense (ministry);

⟡ special environment of northwestern polytechnical university institute of biophysics (field);

⟡ northwestern polytechnical university - Hong Kong Baptist university space musculoskeletal health joint research center for translational medicine (field);

⟡ china-germany joint laboratory space biological materials and technology transformation (field);

⟡ special medical and health system engineering joint research centre (field);

Joint laboratory ⟡ NPU - UAB bone metabolism (field);

⟡ biomechanics and medical engineering research center (school level).

As of April 2018 college received 346 all kinds of fund projects, including provincial funds more than 193 items, including national 973 plan project, national 863 plan project, national science and technology support plan, outstanding youth science fund project of national natural science fund project and surface, such as national defense science and technology innovation projects, scientific research project contract funds more than 8300 ten thousand yuan.He has won 9 national defense technology invention awards, shaanxi science and technology awards and other scientific research awards.By April 2018, teachers and students of the school had published 456 papers (268 of which were included in SCI), granted 52 invention patents and 21 utility models.

The school attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchange.Has been with the German space agency (DLR) and the Japan aerospace exploration agency (JAXA), Japan material research institute (NIMS), the United States food and drug administration (FDA), Harvard University, the United States at Wayne state university, the university of Texas, the United States at stony brook university, the university of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), the university of California at Davis, the United States at the mount sinai school of medicine, university of Sydney in Australia, Canada laval university, the university of strathclyde university, Berlin, Germany, Germany Berlin free university, the university of Tokyo in Japan, Hong Kong Baptist university and so onInternationally renowned research institutions have carried out substantial cooperation and exchanges in personnel training, joint research and platform sharing in the fields of space biology and biotechnology, aerospace medicine and engineering and biophysics, and the school has a good academic reputation and status in the world.

(data as of April 2018)